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Midlands Virtual Midsummer Mugshow
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Current confirmed Virtual event information - NB Updated as we get further information:

Virtual Room No.ExhibitorRolling Presentation through out the eventLive in Person eventAdditional Information
1AMCOG GamesYes11:05am - New MopTop levels, RDSP tutorial etc.Rolling Presentation: Game Demo's
4CloverleafNo1:45pm - CFiler
5Drag 'N DropYes11:45-12:15 plus later eventApplications Tutorials
6ElesarYes12:30pm - Textease StudioRolling presentation: "How to" videos including !Prophet, Pi HAT's etc
7Virtual Kitchen--Just drop in a talk to fellow RISCOS users about anything
8MUG ZoneYes1:15pm - Dr Wimp's Surgery ResurrectedRolling presentation: Evolution of RISCOS/Installing dual boot Linux and RISCOS
10RComp/ROD-2:15-3:30pmContent TBC
11RISCOSBitsYes-Rolling Presentation: Showcasing our best Bits
12ROOL-3:30-4pmCome along and listen to what ROOL have to say on RISC OS the week after it turns 35 years old
14Sine NomineYes12:00-12:30pm and 1:45-2:15pmRolling Presentation: Editing OpenStreetMap for RiscOSM
15Soft Rock SoftwareYesNoRolling presentation:Video Pot-Pourri of RISCOS themed items
16WiFi SheepYesNoLatest RISCOS Direct video episode

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Page last updated: 30th June 2022

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