Midlands User Group (MUG), third meeting, 20th May 2006

Venue - Methodist Church Hall, Blackwell, Bromsgrove B60 1BL

Attendees:- Simon Pyatt (our speaker)

* Karl Stapleton
* Ralph Sillett
* Chris Dale
* Peter Borcherds
* Dave Mullard
* Doug Webb
* Ron Briscoe
* John Rickman
* Don Pearce
* Robin Edwards (0121 445 6887)

This was the first gathering at the Methodist Hall, which turned out to be well suited to our requirements, though lacking darkening blinds. However, the projector that Simon brought with him coped well.

The cost of the Hall is GBP6.00 per hour (£6.00), to be paid by cheque made out to Methodist Hall, Blackwell, and given to an "official" after the meeting, so that the time of occupancy will be known. A donation of £2.00 each, (Simon excepted) provided £20 which also covered the tea and biscuits cost. Robin received the cash and handed a cheque to the "official" - though no receipt a far as I remember!

Simon's talk on writing in Javascript created quite a lot of interest, though most attendees were not fluent enough in HTML to be able to appreciate the niceties of Javascript that Simon demonstrated - which were indeed very impressive! He received appreciative applause and general acclaim from all. The examples of JS Simon demonstrated will probably be made available by John Rickman.

The material Simon's talk has been uploaded to this website. Click on the link below to review the examples.

JavaScript for RISCOS

The general "business" of the meeting began with a discussion of communication within the MUG. It seemed to me (Robin) that we did not end up with a clearly defined situation, though others may have a different impression. A mailing list does exist. Members had varying experience(s) with ISPs, perhaps dependent on their own expertise and the equipment they used.

There was some discussion of further meeting dates. Saturday afternoons seemed to suit everyone, as far as I could tell, and the venue was agreed to be the best compromise having regard to the wide geographical spread of members. We also agreed on a trial of a meeting every other month on the third Saturday of odd months. The next meeting will thus be on Sat 15th July, at 2 pm at the same venue.

We considered possible presentations, and it was suggested that Jonathan Duddington might be prepared to give a talk on !Pluto. He lives in the Coventry area, so not too far away. Robin agreed to try to contact him on this matter. ( To date, 13 June, no contact has been made). Doug Webb said he could perhaps give a talk on Network printing. Simon thought he would be able to borrow the projector again provided he was attending the meeting.

Robin Edwards - compiled from scrappy notes made at the meeting!

The talk was an expanded version of this page:


                                                                                                      Copyright 2006 Michael A Carter